The Reality of Living on a Sailboat

We all love a bit of exploring and some alone time. There are a lot of options out there if you want to get away from the daily hustle bustle of life. Sailboats are a wonderful way to explore and have fun. They provide you with the opportunity to live according to your wishes and means. They allow you to take a break from the usual daily struggles of life and relax and rejuvenate in peace. You get to fully absorb the beauty of the water and the skies and live in proximity to nature. You get to be your own boss, and all your timings are set by you. You get the opportunity to travel to different places which would only seem like a dream to many people. You would not have to pay bills for electricity and gas. You also would not have any responsibilities and live aloof from all worldly worries.

Thus there are a lot of perks and advantages of living on a sailboat. It might seem like a lucrative option for most people. But don’t start searching for sailboats right away. A lot of people opt to choose the lifestyle only to find later out that is just not their type of thing. Find out the honest reality of living on a sailboat down below.

Reality of life aboard a sailboat:
Living on a sailboat is more like an art than a science thing. Sailboat living requires you to have a certain approach towards life. This step can be a bit too far for the majority of people. If you can adjust easily in different situations and are prepared for change and make a few compromises, then this lifestyle can be richly rewarding for you. It can also be very cheap as compared to the lifestyle offshore. However, you must be prepared to sacrifice some of your favorite items for this experience. Down below we list some more cons of life aboard a boat.

You would not have a regular job anymore. At the same time, you would not have to pay any bills whatsoever. A lot of your fashionable items from your wardrobe will have to go.

Your lifestyle on the boat would seem exciting at first. Then it would gradually turn boring. There is only so much to do when you are aboard a boat cut away from the rest of the world. You would constantly have to find new activities to do. If you can afford a solar battery and a satellite you might still be able to watch television.

A lot of people living in sailboats mention that they feel cramped sometimes and long to see new places. Although you are definitely able to travel from one place to another, your surroundings become mundane and boring.

You have to learn to be responsible and work for your upkeep. All your laundries, washing and groceries have to be done by you. You will also have to cook your food. Knowledge about the boat, weather conditions and directions should be enriched.

You should be prepared for illnesses and getting seasick is not an uncommon thing.

Sometimes the cost of maintaining the boat can go sky high and your budget for the month can exceed by a huge amount.

Let’s look at some Cons to living on a sailboat: