Health Benefits of Sailing

What are some of the health benefits that you can receive by sailing consistently? First, try putting yourself in this situation: clear, beautiful, open water as far as the eye can see, the relaxing, natural ocean air, a soft breeze from the wind gently caressing your face with its tender grasp, as you sail through the sea.

Sailing isn’t just a fun sport and activity that you can engage in with relatives and friends when you’re on holiday. It’s also a great way to stay healthy, fit, and muscular. There is a high chance that you do not realize how much work goes into manning your average sailboat. Sailing a boat is harder work than many perceive it to be. What is best about this? The fact that you’re exercising and engaging in heavy cardiovascular activity without actually being consciously aware of it!

Over-all muscle endurance and strength. Sailing involves many motions of pulling, pushing, hoisting, and tugging. All of these movements can add strong wiry muscle to your arms, shoulders, and back.

Not only does sailing recruit muscle endurance, but its also a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Of course, sports like swimming, basketball, sprinting, running, and soccer, all reduce the risk of illnesses like heart disease, obesity, and “hypertension.” Sailing, like these other intense sports, greatly improves your cardiovascular health. Why? Very large amounts of oxygen are uptook when the human body is forced to endure movements like this.

Mental focus and tranquility. Being out on the water has a numerous variety of mental health benefits — mainly because it just feels good and relaxing. There are two main factors that can attribute to the feelings of serenity and relaxation derived from sailing: the sheer calmness of the water and the saltiness of the air — believe it or not. Yes, the saltiness of the air. Peoples moods can vary greatly by cause of fluctuations of the hormone more commonly known as serotonin. Believe it or not, the saltiness of the ocean sea air is mainly composed of ions that happen to be charged — which in turn aids the body in oxygen absorption. When the body is able to absorb oxygen easily, the levels of serotonin will most likely become more and more balanced as time goes by — and we all know by now that higher, more balanced levels of serotonin and greatly increase happiness.

Back to relaxation. There are many factors that aid in the accumulation of relaxation, such as the simple motion of the waves underneath your boat, the sound of the water splashing against your feet, and even the sounds of wind rippling against the sails. All of these sounds and patterns can greatly aid in achieving feelings of relaxation. A stressed-out mind can greatly recover when exposed to these sounds, smells, and sensations.

Agility and quick thinking. There are many tasks that are associated with your typical sailing session which can help improve both your agility and your overall sense of flexibility. Motions and activities like hoisting the sails, pulling lines, ropes, and tying knots, can all improve your sharp sense of agility, increase your hand-to-eye levels of coordination, and fine-tune your motor skills.