Day: December 1, 2017

Sailing Safety for Kids

Sailing with your family is the most enjoyable thing to do during the weekends and holidays. However, with kids on board needs some extra attention. There are a lot of things you should do to ensure that the children are safe. Consider the following things for the safety of the kids during sailing:

Kids should have life jackets
It would be ideal if the kids knew how to swim. Whether they can swim or not, life jackets are a must. It is obvious that everyone on board should have a life jacket, but it is unfortunate that at times, people are not instructed and warned about the necessity for wearing these life-saving jackets. A caring parent should ensure that he or she researches and plans to purchase correctly fitting jackets before the day of the trip. Doing this allows you to test the jacket for fit and comfort as they will have to wear it for hours. Be sure to allow your child to have enough time to wear it so he/she can become familiar with it. You can test it at a local pool so that you may know if it is of the right quality if need be.

Have the suitable sailing gear
The kids should have the correct sailing gear. Again, firstly they are to wear life jackets. Additionally, kids can have the same sailing gear as parents and other adults. Their gear may include gloves, non-slip shoes, sunglasses, hat, UV protective clothes, and of course the sunscreen to avoid sunburn and tan. The kids must be explained why all of this is important so that they don’t resist it. In some areas, it is legal, required for all the kids to wear the life jacket while sailing. Pick the right size and fit gear meant especially for your kids, and it will keep them comfortable and safe at all times.

Get the safety nets
You should have a safety net  or something that can be mounted on your yacht especially if it is private. We all know how kids behave depending on their ages. You happen to turn your back for some few minutes, and they are gone. By installing the safety net, you give your kids some independence, and you don’t have to worry every time you don’t see them. The net will be important for covering the side rails, but it’s not a guarantee, so it’s imperative to be vigilant.

Have sun protection 
If you have a young kid, sun protection is very necessary. Sun hats that have chin straps and some good sunglasses for your little kid is important. You should ensure that cabin windows are always open or use the fans. This is so because children cannot regulate their body temperature easily. Also you can purchase UV protection thin shirts for them to wear along with applying sunscreen on exposed areas of skin.

Energy and Water
Be sure to pack enough water to drink as well as a variety of non-perishable foods. It is to become dehydrated out on the water since the constant wind keeps you from feeling hot and dries any sweat from sitting in the sun for hours.

If you want to take your kids sailing, you should do everything to ensure that they are first educated and well provided for.