Day: November 29, 2017

Carry-on Checklist For Sailing

A beautiful and breathtaking expanse in front of you, your companion beside you and a couple of days or weeks ahead of you; This is what sailing is all about.

Many reasons can spark one’s interest in sailing. For some, it may be for leisure, some for romantic purposes but whichever the reason, the experience is worth more than diamonds. Now, to guarantee that the memories you will create are complete and that you do not miss out on any moment, there is some preparation that must be done before the actual day of sailing. Above all, this preparation is to prevent one from forgetting anything to make the moment better. When preparing, the following are the things to put into consideration.

Your skin
You may choose to come from the sailing trip either with memories only or with memories and a nasty sunburn. There is no evading the sun once you sail out to sea. The only thing that you can do is to find ways in which to minimize the effect that the sun has on you. You can do this by wearing protective clothing including a big straw hat, and by carrying sunscreen. Learn about sunburn prevention here.

Even if you are very sure that you cannot get seasick, (through experience) you should pack some medication just in case. You should also consider bringing with you some sleep aid since the rocking of the boat does not work everyone to sleep. It’s wise to be sure your boat is equipped with a good First Aid kit.

The best part about sailing is the dress code. You do not have to look for anything fancy. Just something large enough to protect you from too much direct sunlight and light enough to keep you cool. On top of clothing, you should not forget some swimsuits and snorkeling gear. You should also not forget to pack at least two pairs of shoes and a pair of flip-flops.

Miscellaneous items
There are many various items that one may need, and hence, it is important to keep a checklist to check against to prevent forgetting anything. Do not forget to bring with you a charger and some extra batteries for both your phone and your camera. You should also pack tons of memory for all the beautiful pictures you will take. A book or an eBook reader may come in handy along with a deck of cards.

There are many things that one needs for a one of a kind sailing experience. Even though some of them fall into place as you set sail, it is important to plan to eliminate any possibility of forgetting anything. Besides, planning is half the fun!